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Recruiting for qualitative exploration

Recruiting for qualitative Jobs-to-be-done (JTBD) exploration isn’t as easy as you might think. Based on the example to “find people for exploration about chocolate“ from a real case for a chocolate manufacturer we will show you how to best organize this process. Before you start Defining who [...]

2019-01-09T10:29:38+02:000 Comments

The concrete wins over the abstract

All companies that have been in business for some years say they know the needs of their customers. They mention needs like «quality», «flexibility» or «service» as being the key drivers for purchase and usage. There is only one little problem: Those needs don‘t resonate with customers. That‘s why most products are perceived as equal. [...]

2017-06-17T12:17:04+02:000 Comments

From insight to growth – it‘s the customers who set the rules

To grow in a market, a company needs products that offer either greater value or a lower price. From a financial perspective, the former is more attractive. Since value is subject to the customer's momentary perception, decision makers need to be perfectly clear on what their customers really want, what they are doing to accomplish [...]

2018-02-20T11:02:40+02:000 Comments

Customer Value Metrics

Develop a convenient product for the user by knowing their value metrics. Beat Walther describes how CFI JTBD captures and defines these metrics so they can be used for innovation. See the short video below. http://wp12224353.server-he.ch/files/06%20Beat%20Walther%20-%20Value%20Metrics.mp4 From the JTBD Meetup in Geneva where we gave a talk about the job of „Jobs-to-be-done“.

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