The world is turning faster and faster. New business models and technologies keep coming up. Digitalization is advancing at breathtaking speed. As a leader, you are under continuous pressure to keep ahead of the game. Options abound – so, where to focus your resources?

Here’s where customer-focused innovation comes in. It helps you focus on the true pain points of your customers. Make sure your next innovation will ease those pains. Your market will reward it.

unmet customer needs

Customer-focused innovation

CFI is a structured framework that ensures you focus your efforts where they should: on initiatives that fulfill unmet customer needs.

No matter what conventional wisdom says: Unmet needs can be identified, measured and addressed. The results speak for themselves: Innovations that builds the business.

like your customer

The jobs-to-be-done

CFI builds on jobs-to-be-done, an eye-opening logic that can change a company’s limiting inside-out view to a broader outside-in customer view.

We are jobs-to-be-done experts, having supported many organizations in various industries to look at their business from the outside-in. Like their customers do.


Cases from various industries

CFI was developed and refined over the past 10 years, and applied in over 120 client projects across various industries.

Selected clients include Axa, Hyundai, Beiersdorf, Syngenta, Swisslife, Cochlear, Roche, Alstom/GE, Credit Suisse, ArtBasel, and Swisscom – just to name a few.

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